Appleby #Bermuda Day Half Marathon Derby @ApplebyGlobal

Appleby Bermuda Day Half Marathon Derby 2017

1st place Jay! #vibe103 #bermudaday

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Wednesday May 24, 2017 
Start: St. George’s Finish: Bernard Park
Individual Runners: 9:00 a.m. / Relay Runners: 9:10 a.m.

9:45 AM – Heritage Junior Classic Race – Location: Docksiders, 121 Front Street –
Bernard Park

Official Website:

Email: | Phone: 737.0046

 St.George’s – Hamilton –  view course details




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A Bermuda Heritage Short: The 13-mile Bermuda Half-Marathon Derby road race has been drawing competitors and large crowds since 1909. Long synonymous with the May 24 Bermuda Day holiday, the event began as a friendly cross-country race between Bermudians and British soldiers stationed here. The first race was hosted by the Somerset Athletic Club and that year a British soldier crossed the finish line first, much to the disappointment of the Bermudian entrants who requested a re-match the following year. With the local runners eager to prove they could beat the British, the Half-Marathon Derby came into being. Race legends include "Sir" Stanley Burgess, Arthur “Goo Gip” Lambert, Ed Sherlock (pictured), Kavin Smith and Chris Estwanik, the only five runners to have won at least six Half-Marathon Derby titles each. Happy Bermuda Day 🇧🇲

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Appleby Bermuda Day Half Marathon 2016

Appleby Bermuda Day Half Marathon 2015

The husband-wife-duo of Chris and Ashley Estwanik won The Appleby Bermuda Day Half Marathon 2015 – The Half Marathon started in St.George’s for the first time in 37 years.


Bermuda Hall of History Mural by G.Foster – The Bermuda Day Half-Marathon
#Bermuda Hall of History Mural by G.Foster – The #BermudaDay Half-Marathon Derby – image thnx2



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